20 Second Tuscan Basil Chickpea Dip

After a day at the farm, hand picking blueberries, basil and farm fresh flowers, we were short on time for a quick snack before nap.

The kids had already eaten their weight in blueberries.

We picked 2 lbs of basil. It was so tender and fragrant, we couldn’t help ourselves!

We took away a gorgeous array of a really interesting bloom for an upcoming Fiesta Bridal Shower we are styling this weekend.

In addition to all this basil, I had very hangry children to feed.

We love high protein, healthful snack and, rather than reaching for gold crackers, I opened a can of chick peas.  High in protein and fiber, this would fill them up so they could have a nice, long nap…*happy dance*

I rinsed the chick peas in this tripod strainer by T-Fal.  To me, this is one of the more ingenious products they sent me.  The red piece has grooves to grip a pot or pan as a traditional strainer, or pop out the ‘kickstand’ and it stands up by itself! Perfect for me since I typically have a baby in one arm (in this case, a camera).

I plopped some of the rinsed beans on the high chair and I had one happy baby!

All of my kids love beans–any bean, and will eat them straight out of the can.  Easy snack: DONE!

But the whole can would be a ridiculous portion size.  What do I do with the leftovers?  I’ve roasted them with cayene+cumin or cinnamon+sugar, they’re both crunchy and unctuous.

But I needed a right-now snack.
I grabbed olive oil, a clove of garlic, tahini (which is like a peanut butter but made out of sesame seeds), the juice and zest of a small lemon, salt + pepper.  And of course a handful of that fragrant basil.

I tossed everything into my T-Fal #EASYclean Chopper, and gave it a whir.

After a couple of pulls, I ended up with this chunky, sweet, tangy rustic dip.

I added a chiffonade of basil and a drizzle of olive oil and snacked away with organic baby carrots as dippers.   Fulfilling, easy and with a quick rinse of the chopper and strainer, no heavy dishes and no random bean leftovers!

This makes a great dip for a party but also top your grilled steak or veggies with it for a Tuscan twist.

I tried it atop steamed green beans and a golden crusty grilled NY strip.  It was creamy, tangy and incredibly satisfying.

Try it the next time you toss some beans on your lunch salad and aren’t sure what to do with the other half of the container!  It’s just so easy to make it #Semi_Handmade!

This post is not sponsored.  I received free products from T-Fal to use, feedback, review, and innovation. All opinions are my own.  But seriously, that strainer isn’t even on the market yet and it’s amazing…it’s time to replace yours and this would make an awesome stocking stuffer–Just sayin…


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