3 Great uses for High Protein Banza Pasta

This post is partially sponsored by Banza Pasta. All opinions are our own.

If you are looking for a gluten free pasta that actually TASTES good, Banza is a must-try. We tried Banza Pasta as a substitute for regular Pasta in some of our favorite recipes, and if if you are not avoiding gluten, you will LOVE the protein content and ingredients!

Banza has almost double the protein of regular pasta and simply 4 ingredients:

• Chickpeas

• Tapioca (thickener)

• Pea Protein

• Xanthan Gum (stabilizer)

That’s it! Even the very novice gluten free home cooks use xanthan gum (it’s fermented glucose in case you didn’t know) and don’t you love that this is only FOUR ingredients?

You know we like to make our own pasta but this is now our go to for #Semi_Handmade weeknights!

Here are three great uses:

1) Baked Ziti

Undercook pasta by half; this stands up better for baking. Do NOT rinse the pasta! See all the starchy bubbles? You want that starch to grab your sauce!

Combine eggs, parsley, cottage cheese or ricotta, shredded mozzarella, and salt and pepper.

Add sautéed onions and whatever veggies you have on hand + fresh garlic to a jar of sauce to have a flavor-packed #Semi_Handmade sauce.

Layer pasta, then sauce.

Then add cheese mixture.

Repeat for lovely layers and top with shredded mozzarella.

I don’t smother the top because I want the cheese to eventually brown and bubble and I want the pasta, the star of the show, to peek out a bit since our party guests were here to check out the new pasta! We wanted them to SEE what they were tasting!

Bake at 400 degrees until sauce is bubbly and top with chopped flat leaf parsley for color and freshness.

Serve warm and enjoy this protein-packed vegetarian meal that also has great veggies in there for a complete meal!

2) Pasta Salad

Chop whatever veggies you have into bite size pieces. I like to use carrots for crunch, celery red onion and I even added some chickpeas to tie in the pasta flavor and kick up the protein even further!

Add the pasta (cook about 1-2 min under the box instructions)

Then pour in your favorite Italian dressing (or make your own easily with 1 part balsamic or apple cider vinegar and 3 parts olive oil), salt + pepper to taste and you are ready to serve!

3) Post Workout Fuel

One of my favorite uses for this high protein pasta is for post workout meals. With a squeeze of olive oil and lemon you could take this with you to the gym and easily eat on your drive home. Shake up your protein drink and try eating whole food that will give your muscles the protein you need along with fiber to keep you fuller longer!

We definitely recommend you try this for your next pasta meal–we’ve seen it at Whole Foods, Giant/Stop and Shop and Safeway. Tweet at us if you’ve tried your favorite recipes with Banza Pasta! @Semi_Handmade

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