Apple Crisp with T-fal + Video Demos

Apple Crisp with the T-fal Chopper

This was a 15 minute prep for a classic apple crisp, although the same techniques can be used for most fruit, like peach, blueberries, blackberries, or even a combination (I personally love Peach+Blackberry Crisp!)

We started with 5 organic green apples.  Your apple choice is critical.  Don’t chose Red Delicious or Golden Delicious, for example.  You need a tough, tart apple to hold up in the baking process and balance out the sweetness!

We peeled the apples with the T-fal Ingenio peeler.

Chopped apples with the T-fal ceramic knife (see the nifty safety cover?)

The ceramic is great because it reduces oxidation, and apples love to turn brown when exposed to air and metal.

We combined the flour, oatmeal, brown sugar, cane sugar and a pinch of salt in the 4 quart ergonomic mixing bowl, with a super helpful corner pour.  I tossed in some roasted, slivered almonds for a nutty crunch.

We added a stick of cubed, cold butter (critical!) and whirred in the T-fal Chopper several times until we had pea sized consistency.

To the mixing bowl we added the apples, cane sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, orange juice, lemon juice, lemon zest, a pinch of salt and splash of vanilla.

We stirred until well combined to help some of the juices come out.

We spread into the baking pan and baked at 375F for 20 minutes until the apples were fork tender, but not mushy.

Serve warm or room temperature, and add a glop of vanilla ice cream!


♦  Don’t overload the chopper.  It holds two cups, which is great for prepping for 2-3 people.  You can process in batches if you need to

♦  Don’t cover the point where the top of the blade joint meets the lid or the top won’t seal properly.  It still works, but you may find the pull to be slightly sluggish.  You’ll see in the videos that we made an adjustment to ensure we poured the flour in around the blade top, not on it.

On Deck

What do we have coming up next with T-fal?

  • #PartyforPurpose with the ladies from our small group.  We will be making meals for a friend who is moving (with three kids, yikes) and for the new neighbors of two ladies–what a way to build community and make a new friend–Apple Crisp, anyone?
  • Baby food.  We have been making our own since 2008.  I have tried so many contraptions.  I’d like to see how the chopper performs because it is SO much easier to clean than other tools
  • Single Serve Salads.  I would love to see if I can toss in lettuce, carrots, celery, avocados, cherry tomatoes along with vinegar and olive oil to see if a couple whirls can make a fully dressed, chopped veggie salad.  Not sure if it will work, but I will try!
  • Pesto.  My garden basil is starting to bud!  When this happens, the energy goes from the stalk to the flowers, and the basil loses its taste.  I need to use up this basil pronto so an earthy pesto sauce seems like it would be perfect in the T-fal chopper.
  • Chimichurri.  This is a new obsession of mine for meat or veggies.  Green onions, jalapeños, parsley, cilantro, olive oil and a splash of red wine vinegar and touch of sugar, this tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy sauce rivals A1 and ketchup.  It is seriously that good.
  • Mincing Garlic.  Seriously, I haven’t found a better tool than my Wusthof knife.  You have to shake the magic bullet violently to get pieces to come down the side.  My food processor does a decent job, but only if you have “enough” of a critical mass, and that bad boy takes forever to clean over a little garlic.  The slap chop was a fail–pieces get stuck all over the place and it was such a bummer to clean.

Any other ideas?  I’ll let you know!


T-fal provided several kitchen tools for our use and review.  All opinions are our own.

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