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The Last Girl Author: Joe Hart

Pre-Review:  This is the next major blockbuster

Brave New World meets Hunger Games meets Handmaid’s Tale… I seriously believe Hollywood should pick up the phone and call Joe Hart for the rights.

A future post uprisings and a nuclear bomb are is not hard to imagine. Zoey is the 20 year old protagonist who seems to have a strong moral compass, empathetic, and compassionate sense of self despite being raised in an unconventional, prison-like cement compound. You are overwhelmed with a sense of sterile apathy, saddened by the lack of identity and community these young girls are controlled with–it’s propaganda at its best.

Hart takes us on an exquisite journey wrought with international and external conflict, deeply flawed, yet sympathetic characters and writes in such a vivid way that you can smell the alkalinity of the infirmary or the bitter dust in the mechanical room. Every injury, internal and external, is felt and multiplied by the well edited prose.

I couldn’t put this book down and hand to stand with the kindle plugged into the charger at times because I couldn’t stop reading.

The author repeats certain words too many times (overuse of the verb, sidle, for example). There are times where it may have been helpful to have another point of view or voice, or a flashback or something to break up the suspense to prevent it from becoming droning in a couple places.

I wish there had been more development of several of the characters, even the villains might be slightly more interesting with more development.

Overall, I would put this on your must read list and clear your schedule. Also, I was a bit confused by the trilogy in only two books, but this confused was washed over by anger, disappointment, then grief when I greedily searched for the sequel only to find that it won’t be released until September!

NB:  I reviewed this before I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair review.  I’m actually reading it again, since I like to do a two read before a proper review.  Not sure what the FTC’s stance on this weird situation is, but I figured the disclosure couldn’t hurt.