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T-fal #PartyforPurpose Prep

We’ve been testing out our T-fal goodies all week.  We’ve made 5 Minute Meatballs and this gooey, sweet and tangy Apple Crisp, in addition to our every day meal prep to see how these babies handled. (Baby food, purées, pesto, sauces and chopped salads are next!) Continue reading T-fal #PartyforPurpose Prep

Freezer Love for Friends

Two 1lb boxes of Rotini, a Le Creuset full of bolognese, simmered over four hours, and a lot of cheese.  That is what it takes to make three 8×8 pans of my spin on baked ziti.  Why rotini?  It was on sale at Costco and I had six boxes of it.

My three year old was watching one of her favorite people, Pyeer Woman (The Pioneer Woman), who happened to be making her fabulous baked ziti, always a staple item in our freezer.  She is really excited about helping these days, which mostly consists of stirring, pouring, and being underfoot, but a friend of mine is home alone with her two little kids for the next two weeks, and another friend just had a baby, so why not make a large vat and deliver some happiness in the form of cheesy (but organic!) pasta?

Continue reading Freezer Love for Friends