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Ice Cream Party with a Twist

If you’re looking for a mess free alternative for an ice cream bar or ice cream party, check out MyMo Mochi Ice Cream!

Holiday season means parties, potlucks and ultimate celebrations.  If you’re looking for a new go to, Continue reading Ice Cream Party with a Twist

#NotToMiss List: Getting the Most Out of Going Part I

A meeting of the “moms,” #WOWSummit 2016 has something for everyone looking for healthful choices for their families and ones they love.  Don’t worry you don’t have to be a mom, or a blogger for that matter, to get the most out of #WOWSummit. Follow me to see how! Save 15% Code: MADE15 Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.59.01 PM I have been to more conferences than I can count, and having planned and executed several, I know some insider information Continue reading #NotToMiss List: Getting the Most Out of Going Part I

Get a Grip

This was not another party for us.  This was a small group celebration, a joyful noise with our own resident worship pastor (yes, our group is super lucky!)

But our family isn’t all that lucky.  If you’ve been following us, you’ve seen we spend about 60-80 days a year in the hospital. That’s why I think this post is aptly entitled “Get a Grip” because, frankly, it’s what we have to do each time one of us gets admitted.

But thankfully, we got to make our joyful noise was right after our youngest had been discharged from the hospital after numerous seizures.
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How Scrub Daddy Won My Heart (and money)

It was season 4 of Shark Tank when I bought my first Shark Tank product.  The moment I saw Scrub Daddy, I knew I needed one.

Literally the next day I bought a set at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and we fell in love.  We needed a Scrub Daddy for the kitchen, the bathrooms and general house cleaning.  I was not the social media maven I am today (lol) but I tweeted a photo @LoriGreiner and @ScrubDaddy and within minutes, they asked me to DM my address.  I wasn’t sure why, Continue reading How Scrub Daddy Won My Heart (and money)

T-fal #PartyforPurpose Prep

We’ve been testing out our T-fal goodies all week.  We’ve made 5 Minute Meatballs and this gooey, sweet and tangy Apple Crisp, in addition to our every day meal prep to see how these babies handled. (Baby food, purées, pesto, sauces and chopped salads are next!) Continue reading T-fal #PartyforPurpose Prep

PB Crave Favorite Flave: 4 Kid-Reviewers Compete

img_9689-3.jpgWe came up with a fun idea to show our love of one of our newer partners, PB Crave, a peanut butter brand that makes the most decadent, all natural flavored peanut butters.
In the DMV, our kids learn and practice different writing styles between

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#SmoresAnytime Style

This post is not sponsored, but free products were provided by Sterno, Target and PB Crave for testing, review and innovation!  All opinions are our own.

Stocking up at Target was easy thanks to Sterno’s Target Gift card and the enormous selection Target carries for S’mores.  Of course we got Continue reading #SmoresAnytime Style

5 Ways to Kill Time Before Your Rental is Ready

Rentals typically run Saturday to Saturday. You’ve packed up the kids, the bags, the toys and the Golden Retriever, and all the kids want to do is Continue reading 5 Ways to Kill Time Before Your Rental is Ready