Floral Art: Dimension + Texture

Floral Art

As an homage to my friend’s mom, who passed this February unexpectedly, we went to our local wholesale florist to purchase some unique stems to create several quick arrangements, in honor of her.  These flowers were showcased at my friend’s dad’s 80th Birthday Party, a Korean #PalsunParty.

We love these billy balls.  They are bright, hearty, and kind of weird looking.  They are sturdy enough for tall arrangements or bouquets.  They look gorgeous and delicate as boutonnieres.

My four year old picked out the proteas spindle blooms because they “look like hair.”

These are Scabious Pods, which are special to me.  They were in my wedding bouquet.

I used floral foam and because we had 48 hours to work with, corningware (yup, what we cook in lol) and whatever vases I had in my house and not in storage.

I used a knife to cut through the foam and fit to the containers I chose.

It looks a little hodge-podge, but once water is added, it all gloms together and becomes surprisingly strong.

I cut leaves from my peony plant outside to wrap around the floral foam so you couldn’t see it (details people)

and then started creating height and dimension with the blooms, paying close attention to textures and color.

Around the base of each arrangements, I pushed in clumps of blooms in different colors and textures.  Enough so each bloom was visible, but balanced so they work together.

In this arrangement, I created these “lanes” of moss and flowers in rows and bunches and then started building up with these fuzzy “weeds” that grow in the back of my house ( hey, use what you got!)

I could use the stems for some height and the yellow blooms for the color I needed to go with the magenta and greens I had selected at the warehouse.

We built upwards with the hydrangeas and fuzzy weeds.

I wanted one large arrangement and then several smaller ones that were different, but tied together with similarities from the central floral art.

As we built upward, I made sure three proteas blooms were staggered, and brought in the more compact scabious pods and billy balls to complement the wide spreading spindles of the proteas.

See the height and dimension?

The result was a gorgeous arrangement with multiple heights and textures.

The smaller arrangements were similar, using the scabious and billy balls along with a single proteas spindle, providing some differentiation but still similarities to tie everything together.

In a Rush

Because we were low on time, I pinched some of our more delicate succulent arrangements you may recognize from other parties.

See how this almost looks like a fairy garden from a 4 year old’s unicorn party?

And that gold Rolo tower was from a Dol, and used at the #SmoresAnytime event, and with a few fixes would go nicely on a Palsun table, the gold and height symbolizing prosperity and celebrating long life.

These little guys have been in 3-4 events, from the Camp Party several years ago, to the Unicorn Party, we love to repurpose, which is part of why I love succulents so much. We just keep propagating and it doesn’t cost anything!


We had a few straggling blooms that weren’t used in the major arrangement.  Fear not, we don’t let anything go to waste.  You’ll see the leftover wildflower arrangement we used for our #SmoresAnytime Party and #Go_PBCrave event.


This post is not sponsored.  All opinions are our own.


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