#Go_PBCrave Road Trip

This trip is a partnership with PB Crave, Sterno and Target.  We received free product to showcase, review and innovate!  All opinions are our own.

Traveling as a family of 5 + golden retriever is not cheap.  This summer, with gas prices being so inexpensive, we decided to #RoadTrip to one of our favorite destinations, where we could camp, fish, boat, tube, roast s’mores and work in a couple stops to the headquarters of some of our favorite sponsors.

We are especially excited about our kick off party, which is in the works now.  Our friends rented out a pavilion at a local park, and we are coming stocked with the star of the show, Sterno’s new S’mores Maker.  Target is helping out with the supplies, and we are menu planning for the best s’mores accouterment.

Our Sterno S’mores Makers finally arrived, and now we could really get busy with figuring out how we could really build community with friends and neighbors authentically.  At #Semi_Handmade, we are all about creating meaningful community where you live, where you work, and where you travel.  When we heard about the S’mores Maker, we knew this would be a perfect tool for just that.

For our #Go_PBCrave Road Trip, we decided the #SmoresAnywhere party would be a perfect way to combine some of our favorite products and really get people excited about innovating their own s’mores recipes.

Our partners at Tryazon and Sterno hooked us up with these awesome media kids and an extra S’mores Maker to #giveaway.  PB Crave sent us 6 cases of delectable flavored peanut butter.  We are set.

Since we will be outdoors, and expecting great (and hot) weather, we will be hosting a group of neighbors and friends from church, and since some of the partygoers don’t know each other (or know each other well), we are hoping we have some activities and of course, food, to help people connect with genuine community.

Event Styling Sneak Peek

Although we could go “rustic” and style plain picnic tables with the PB Crave and S’mores Makers, we only know how to make a #spectacle.  But since we are extremely short on time, we needed some quick options.

Today we pulled some of our favorite ball jars and tied them with red bandanas.  I dug through the party pantry for some leftover disposable yellow gingham tablecloths, and now all I need is blue for an Americana-themed kick off party.

We rolled these bandanas and tied them around the jars in a double knot. OF course, one end is up, and one is down, and we wanted neat, clean “V” shapes for the perfectionist in us.  To solve this, just take the end that is sticking up and tuck it towards the jar and pull through and down, and voila, neat and uniform vases.


Some wildflowers and/or greenery from the park will complete the look.  Red gingham and some American flags will be the finishing touch to really take a simple event and make it a #spectacle in less than 5 minutes.

We are so excited about the kick off party to our #GO_PBCrave road trip!  We hope that you will follow along with us as we show you how to save some money and time, while creating community and getting close and personal with family!


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