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This was not another party for us.  This was a small group celebration, a joyful noise with our own resident worship pastor (yes, our group is super lucky!)

But our family isn’t all that lucky.  If you’ve been following us, you’ve seen we spend about 60-80 days a year in the hospital. That’s why I think this post is aptly entitled “Get a Grip” because, frankly, it’s what we have to do each time one of us gets admitted.

But thankfully, we got to make our joyful noise was right after our youngest had been discharged from the hospital after numerous seizures.

They were febrile seizures, but we checked and checked, and he didn’t have a fever, at least, at first.  Eventually it would spike but we couldn’t control the seizures, or the 6 hours post-seizure period where he just wouldn’t regain consciousness.

We packed an emergency bag (technically we always keep one packed) and were off to Children’s.  Luckily, I had the Grippies in my bag.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Guidecraft sent us these.  Since Child Life isn’t available on weekends (come on Michael, get sick on a weekday please…!) we had to find ways to keep him entertained.

The cribs basically look like scary cages, so the Grippies both decorated the crib and provided a fun game for him to see what would stick to what, what configurations he could make, and our neighbors, nurses and residents got a kick out of them too!

I think at this point he is trying to make ice cream cones.

Eventually we made our own “Plinko” game with a ping pong ball–seriously, try this on your door or other metal surface…it’s hours of fun.

But even a sick baby needs something to distract, and the Grippies were perfect.
What I really appreciated about Grippies was that when he dropped them on the floor (inevitable), I could use the purple super wipes to disinfect them easily, and playtime could continue.

The ACTUAL Grippies Party

Of course our original party was at National Night Out, with 2,000 neighbor families celebrating community and safety together.  

See, even the dogs are into the Grippies station,

right between the root beer float and bounce houses. (Location, location, location)

And the State’s Attorney’s table!

Lines of people came out and it was great to have a quiet mat for kids to play, investigate, decompress and settle down with all of the stimulation!

Kids from 6 months to 6 years had fun building castles, towers and trains.

Something about playtime brings out the competitive nature in kids to create the “tallest” or “longest” or “biggest” creation.

What really amazed me was how kids came together to play cooperatively.

They somehow realized on their own that they could build “cooler” stuff if they worked together, and therefore had all the Grippies to use collectively.
It was a great time, and what’s more, I think we had more adults come by to play with the Grippies than kids.  I think its a unique toy for most of us, so even the adults wanted to check out the textures, colors and make something of their own!

Grippies Practice

One great selling point which tells me that this could be the toy of the 2016 birthday and holiday season is that they have staying power.  What do I mean?

1) The kids can play with this for between 45 minute an 1 hour and 20 minutes with no need for daddy to intervene or entertain.  This is truly a self-directed toy.  Break these out when you are cooking dinner.  Seriously, you’ll thank me that you can avoid yet another round of Daniel Tiger.

2) After over a month, the kids play with this toy every day-several times a day-which means this won’t be something you pack up after 6 months for the donation pile.  I truly believe this is a toy that will last you through multiple kids and is a year round activity.

What else do we love?

Easy to Clean


Terrific versatility

⇒  Great age range from 6 months to 8 years old (possibly older!)

It draws out creativity

It draws out self esteem and pride in accomplishment

 It’s unique! This will not be refitted and will definitely leave an impression!

The exploration is so fun, you’ll have to check out our YouTube videos of the unboxing.

Last? We LOVE the packaging!  

It is easy to store in a closet, looks great on a shelf, and has a peek a boo insert that allows you to feel the unique soft yet gripping material GuideCraft uses.


It is expensive.  They do have starter packs that are les expensive, but I do hope that GuideCraft introduces some coupons or slightly adjusts the price, although, given the demand, this doesn’t seem likely.  As a mom, I can tell you that although I received these free for the purposes of review, I have already bought one for my nephew and plan for this to be my go to gift this year.  Try it, I think you’ll agree.



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