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Well, every good event planner has a contingency plan, and in the atlantic region in August, you can basically plan on afternoon thunderstorms that threaten to flash flood.

We planned for the rain, but what was unusual for us this year was the HEAT!  It made an early August outdoor BBQ simply impractical since most of our friends have young kids.

So our back up plan? Grill mid afternoon before the storms, and bring the BBQ Inside!

Our grilled chicken was such a hit, I couldn’t capture a shot before the boys grabbed hunks of meat and went of to play “fencing” (Thank You, Olympics season).

These boys do NOT play when it comes to grilled meat.  Ages 8-11, they are ready to fuel up!

Our youngest kids waited so patiently, and the house was packed!

So packed that some of the grown ups made use of the kids table.

Our advice? Don’t let the heat or rain keep you from community.  You could even grill a day in advance and warm up your grilled treasures in a 200º oven.  Keep it simple, because after all, its about authentic connection with your friends and neighbors.  In a transient community like ours, we don’t all have family close by, so we make our own family.

Life is just better that way.

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