Ice Cream Party with a Twist

If you’re looking for a mess free alternative for an ice cream bar or ice cream party, check out MyMo Mochi Ice Cream!

Holiday season means parties, potlucks and ultimate celebrations.  If you’re looking for a new go to, skip that store bought pie, keep that bottle of wine and reach for something super unique that will have guests talking.

There are no dishes, and it’s so much more unique than a store bought pie–yet, just as easy!

So what is it?

MyMo Mochi Ice Cream is a bite sized ball of ice cream wrapped in a chewy, sweet rice dough.  It’s easy for toddlers to eat and doesn’t require any spoons or even napkins!

MyMo Mochi ice cream comes in multiple flavors.  Our guests loved the mango, but one partergoer said the vanilla was truly vanilla tasting.  We could taste that this was quality.

The kids couldn’t decide on a favorite flavor–they liked them all!

What We Like Best

  • Easy to eat–no special items needed, no utensils, not even a napkin!
  • Great tasting flavors in this chewy, doughy unique casing that keeps your hands clean
  • Easy to store in the freezer.  The are stored like ice cubes in sealed 6 packs so remove from the box and even the most packed freezers (like ours) can accommodate.
  • Unique.  It’s a great conversation piece and literally everyone in our party of 30 ate them–even the pickiest eaters will love trying these.

What’s Next for #Semi_Handmade?

I can’t wait to try MyMo Mochi Ice Cream with different recipes.  I’m thinking no-mess of MyMo ice cream sundaes or dipping them in chocolate and rolling them in chopped roasted almonds for a crunchy, chocolate fruity treat that is #Semi_Handmade.

We received free samples of the product but no other compensation in exchange for our review.  Our opinions are completely our own.



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