How To Stuff and Truss a Turkey -Paleo Thanksgiving Part 1 with #Semi_Handmade

It’s that time of year, and if you’ve always wondered how to easily keep that stuffing in (or apples/onions/lemons), here is a quick and simple How To with photos!

Our paleo stuffing includes crumbled browned spicy sausage (out of the casing), lamb and ground pork, with bacon lardons for good measure.

After sweating the onions we added the meat, and once browned, added apple chunks and carrots.

Then the fun part.  We see people putting bacon in all sorts of lattice designs on top of the turkey.  The bacon fat drips off the sides and into the pan.

We prefer to put it BETWEEN the skin and the meat.

Pat your turkey dry with paper towels.  Then put your fingers gently between the skin and meat and wiggle back and forth breaking up that clear fascia. You won’t pierce the skin–it’s a lot stretchier than you might think.

QUICK TIP: Take your turkey out 30-45 minutes prior to stuffing to allow to come to room temperature.  It’s easier to stuff, truss and it cooks MUCH more evenly.

Salt and pepper the cavity.

Get that stuffing into every place you can.  All of that bacon and flavor from the stuffing will infuse into the meat rather than rolling off into the pan.

Cut a piece of bakers twine about 14 inches long (depending on the size of your turkey).

To Truss, start by clipping a hole in the skin with kitchen shears and thread the string through to the mid point.  Clip a hole near a bone or anchor point and thread through, pulling tight(don’t worry, we will get that skin flat on top in a second.

Weave the remainder of your string through clips in the skin to the left and to the right.

Pull your string around to the front of the bird, securing the wings tightly.

We also tuck the leg bone back under the skin to keep them from burning and to keep everyone nice and snuggled up.

Don’t forget about that neck flap.  We separate the fascia there too and stuff! 

Start from the middle and sew up either side.  Again we anchor to the rib cage or a bone if we can.

Bring the front ties to the back and help secure the wings down by pulling securely. Pour any remaining stuffing on top, well, bottom.

We cook breast side down for an hour.  It’s an old Alton Brown trick to let the juices run down into the breast that can tend to be drier due to its lower fat content.

After an hour we flip it over and cover with thyme, sage, salt and pepper. And a couple of leftover bacon pieces to distract skin thieves.

Remember your dark roasters cook way faster than you expect. Our 13lb STUFFED turkey was done in less than two hours!

Cook to 165F and let it rest out of the pan with some foil tented on top for 30-45 minutes.

See, thyme bacon is just another fabulous by product while you wait for the turkey to rest and furiously cook/bake the remainder of your sides!

We hope you love this #Paleo Turkey+ Stuffing as much as we do!

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