PB Crave Favorite Flave: 4 Kid-Reviewers Compete

img_9689-3.jpgWe came up with a fun idea to show our love of one of our newer partners, PB Crave, a peanut butter brand that makes the most decadent, all natural flavored peanut butters.
In the DMV, our kids learn and practice different writing styles between

1st and 2nd grade.  My eldest was tested Gifted and Talented in the top 5% nationally for reading and writing this year. I’m honestly not sure what it measures, exactly, between a standardized test and input from teachers, but I DO know he LOVES to read and write, and I thought having him write his own review of a new product would be a fun way to challenge him this summer.img_9893.jpg

We had a recent neighborhood bash to celebrate a birthday, and we got to thinking…what if we had a four way kid-review contest?img_9914.jpg
Four kid writers.
Four kid reviews.
Four kid perspectives, helping America decide their favorite PB Crave flavor.
♥ PB Crave loved it.

What’s On Deck
We have a couple fun activities planned to provide an opportunity for four kids to review each of the four flavors of PB Crave using persuasive writing skills to “prove” that their flavor is the best.
Part I:  Tasting Party
We will host a #Semi_Handmade tasting party with PB Crave where the kids and their parents can taste the four flavors with:
  • Toast
  • Oatmeal
  • Apple slices
  • Ice Cream
  • Cookies
  • Celery Sticks
  • Cereal
  • S’mores
  • And MORE!!!

Part II:  The Review

The kids will pick their favorite flavor and write a
200-300 word review to prove why their flavor is the best, along with providing their favorite uses and recipes!  The kids will record a short video/vlog to tell you why THEIR PB Crave flavor is the best!
Part III:  The Competition
PB Crave will post the reviews, and together we will start a national twitter poll + promotion to invite people to vote on their favorite flavors based on our kids’ reviews!

Want to Participate?

Once the PB Crave Twitter Poll is posted, vote and retweet to be selected to win a PB Crave Prize pack of your own case of PB Crave, hat and more!

Our kids will receive:

  • Publication of their review on PB Crave and Semi Handmade
  • Promotion of their review via PB Crave and partners
  • Marketing + promotion experience
  • Their favorite PB Crave flavor, hats, and other goodies from PB Crave
  • Local press coverage 
  • Acknowledgment in school newspaper
  • A really cool “What I Did This Summer” story
  • Potentially lead to more partnerships and exciting opportunities!
Mostly, this is a fun way for our kids to practice their writing skills in a real world setting and to see what can happen!

We are excited to see what will happen!  Do you have a child between 3-5th grade who might like to participate? Reply to this post or tweet us @Semi_Handmade !
We look forward to a friendly competition and some fabulous peanut butter.
This post is not sponsored.  We are working in partnership with PB Crave for this contest and have received free product for review and testing.  All opinions are our own.


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