How Scrub Daddy Won My Heart (and money)

It was season 4 of Shark Tank when I bought my first Shark Tank product.  The moment I saw Scrub Daddy, I knew I needed one.

Literally the next day I bought a set at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and we fell in love.  We needed a Scrub Daddy for the kitchen, the bathrooms and general house cleaning.  I was not the social media maven I am today (lol) but I tweeted a photo @LoriGreiner and @ScrubDaddy and within minutes, they asked me to DM my address.  I wasn’t sure why, but a week later, I received this fabulous shirt, perfectly my size instead of the standard L or XL shirts that drape pointlessly and end up in the donations pile.

It was the sponge version of “You had me at Hello.”

For the price of a $4 T shirt (and it’s a nice distressed, crew shirt!), Scrub Daddy turned a first time consumer into a loyal brand ambassador.

According to Christie Garton @Entrepreneur

Do some research and select influential millennials in your target audience, then arm them with facts about your brand, exclusive information and product sneak peeks. Not only will your brand ambassadors feel empowered and validated by being the “go-to” for their peers, your millennials consumers will be more likely to try your products after reading powerful peer recommendations.

With Scrub Daddy it wasn’t official or paid, it was just a genuine love for a good product.  But more than that, it’s the response most millennials have when a brand responds to us like an individual, valuable person, and the key is to respond quickly.

Also, a key KEY key point to remember is that response time matters.  Iris Vermeren writes VIA @Brandwatch

A study by Lithium Technologies found that 53% of customers who ask a brand a question on Twitter expect a response within 1 hour regardless of when they tweeted, with that percentage rising to 72% if it’s a complaint. Therefore, providing fast customer support through social media is paramount for any retail brand’s social media strategy.

Thanks @ScrubDaddy social media team.  You’ve been rewarded in $100s in sales as a #Fangirl consumer and influencer before #BrandAmbassadors existed the way they are now.  All it cost you was a $4 T shirt.  Talk about ROI!

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This post is not sponsored.  I received a free T shirt 4 years ago, and yes, I am still talking about it.  All opinions are my own.

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