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Ice Cream Party with a Twist

If you’re looking for a mess free alternative for an ice cream bar or ice cream party, check out MyMo Mochi Ice Cream!

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Making a “Boxed” Party a Semi Handmade #Spectacle Part 1: FAVORS

So clearly, we all been there or been tempted by them. Pay $200-500 for a big box party at My Gym, the Little Gym, BounceU, and they supply the pizza, entertainment, invites, goody bags, and best of all, the staff. I’ve been so hesitant to try this because my mother, queen of parties, and a single mother at that, managed to make the most spectacular parties using a few handmade touches–and buying the rest because hey, she was a single mom getting it done! 🙌

So I’ve given in…with some health issues, end of school year and obligations filling the calendar, I agreed. Plus we love our big box owner so much. BUT….how could I put my own #Semi_Handmade touch on this? Is it even possible? What will the venue allow? I mean, a pizza party again?

So this is my exploratory mission to make a “big box” party #Semi_Handmade because, let’s face it, I’m a millennial and I feel a combination of entitled and special. Where’s my trophy?

So it’s a unicorn birthday party, and this time I started with the favors.

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