Millennial Mom Must Haves #AllTechedOut

Millennial Mom Must Haves
Fall 2016 Edition V1


New mom or savvy expert of three littles like us?

  1.  It’s never too late to tech out your nursery.
  2. Tech is no longer limited to infants.

Check out some of our new favorite baby+kid tech products and ones we are still investigating.  Full article to come as we live out and test products to make life easier and more healthful.

iBaby M6T High Definition Monitor (Retail $279)


We are one week into testing the iBaby monitor and we already love its sleek design, easy set up and integrated app function.


Download the app, and it tells you step by step what to do.


Plug the device into your phone using your iPhone’s USB cable and we were up and running in less than 45 seconds.


So we all know about the traditional use of a baby monitor, to monitor babies, right?  What I love about this iBaby Monitor is that it grows with your child.  This week I used it to monitor my preschooler during nap time.


Empty bed?  I was able to move the camera using the app to find her sneaking crackers she had hidden under the train table.  I caught her red handed!  Using the app, I could talk to her and tell her to put the crackers back and get into bed.  (I could also hear her whining and pouting 🙂  I didn’t have to climb the stairs or guess what she was doing.  I could see what she was doing, give her instructions, all from the convenience of the app, and I didn’t have to climb the stairs!


Another surprising use?  I could easily monitor my son and his 2 eight year old friends playing upstairs during a playdate.  Listening to 8-year olds’ conversations is kind of hilarious, and I could quickly interject if the conversation was inappropriate or they were doing something dangerous (like trying to jump off the top bunk…..sigh….boys)

iBaby ALSO monitors air temperature and humidity.  So of course, we will be looking at options for dual temperature and humidity control, and we will be testing out Dyson’s solution to this in the next #AllTechedOut article.  As we write, our two sons have dual nosebleeds with the babysitter while we are watching comedy and cocktails at #WOWsummit.  Sigh.

Coming soon with iBaby:  Ever wonder what your pets do when you’re out?  No need to wonder with iBaby.

What’s Next?

At the 2016 #WOWsummit, we talked with the Winix America team about their Wi-Fi enabled air purifiers.  Three kids with auto-immune disease, 2 with breathing issues (including mom, with interstitial lung disease, thank you Lupus), we know the value of clean air.

Like all of the products in our #AllTechedOut series, Winix is a fully wi-fi enabled tech product that allows you to monitor and control the comfort and safety of your home with ease, right from your phone.

We are excited to see the full product demonstration tomorrow, and we’re particularly interested in the NK105 Model, which has a sleek and slim design.

We are particularly interested in learning more about the functionality in the kitchen, kids’ rooms and living room, where we spend the most time.  With two service dogs in the house, I’d really like to see if the smart sensor can really help keep the air clear of bacteria, dander and other allergens and odors.  We will keep you posted!

Product was provided at no cost in exchange for our unbiased review.  All opinions are our own.

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