T-fal #PartyforPurpose Prep

We’ve been testing out our T-fal goodies all week.  We’ve made 5 Minute Meatballs and this gooey, sweet and tangy Apple Crisp, in addition to our every day meal prep to see how these babies handled. (Baby food, purées, pesto, sauces and chopped salads are next!)

This weekend, several of my mom friends are coming over to participate in a cooking #PartyforPurpose.  There are no gifts or donations to our favorite children’s hospital this time.  There are no flower arrangements, no balloon walls or arches.  No need to raid the party pantry.

Instead, our kids will play together, and the ladies (and possibly a dad or two) will check out the new T-fal products to make meals and treats to send to others.  Two of our small group members either just moved or are moving–all within a 2 week period (yikes!).

As you know, we are all about building community, and what better way to introduce yourself to new neighbors than with a piping hot Apple Crisp?


It’s practically Rockwellian.

We were sent a box of free kitchen goods and appliances, and from the company that created teflon coated cookware, I am expecting great things.

What we’ll be testing:

1) T-fal Tripod Strainer (Pre Release)

You drain your pasta, rinse your blueberries, and wash your quinoa.  Now what.  Where do you put it?

This innovative strainer has a kick stand that pulls downward for tripod stability, which means you can set it down on your counter or cutting board without tipping or spillage!

This guy isn’t even available for purchase yet.  I have already tried it and LOVE it, but I’m curious to see what my friends think.

2) 4 Quart Ergonomic Mixing Bowl ($20)

This is the perfect size mixing bowl.  Not too big, not too small, we used it for our Apple Crisp video and it was easy to use with its sure-grip handles and corner pour.

At $20, this is comparably priced to competitors that don’t have near the amount of features, and bonus:  T-fal offers a lifetime warranty.  The bowl can sit flat or at an angle for comfortable mixing. Get yours:  T-fal Ingenio Mixing Bowl, 4 quart, Red/Black

3)  T-fal Ingenio Chopper ($16-$20)

This is definitely my favorite T-fal product so far.  We’ve made #Semi_Handmade 5 Minute Meatballs and Apple Crisp, and not only is this small enough to travel with, it is super easy to clean and it likely will replace my Magic Bullet and several functions of my cumbersome 14-cup food processor based on the easy cleaning alone!


I definitely recommend taking this with you this summer to the beach, lake, hotel room, or RV.  It travels easily, cleans easily, and it will save you time and money with homemade meals and snacks!

You can rough chop, fine chop or mince, all with the ergonomic handle, and it’s so easy my kids can use it!  And with a lifetime warranty, why wait?  Get yours:  T-fal Ingenio Hand-Powered Rapid Food Chopper

4)  T-fal Ceramic Utility Knife ($12.99)

This ceramic knife comes with a safety sheath which makes it especially great for traveling or use on the go.  The ceramic surface won’t make your food oxidize, and we love how easy it is to cut with.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable, and it comes with a safety shield to prevent accidental cuts.  I feel comfortable with my 8 year old using this, and it slices so thinly, even my Wusthof Classics don’t perform this well.

I feel comfortable with my 8 year old using this, and it slices so thinly, even my Wusthof Classics don’t perform this well.  Get yours:  T-fal Zen Ceramic Utility Knife, 5-Inch; you won’t be disappointed.

5) T-fal Ingenio Peeler ($7.99)

This peeler comes with a protective cover and works quickly with very light pressure.

It takes only the thinnest layer of peel off, so you are sure to retain as more vitamins and nutrients than clunkier peelers.

Each of our #PartyforPurpose guests will get their own peeler to take home and keep.  Get yours here:  T-fal Ingenio Micro Edge Peeler

Thanks to T-fal for the cutting board and all of the T-fal kitchen gear.  We look forward to testing and providing our honest feedback.  We have tinkered with a few things so far, and I look forward to new recipes and recommendations for use!




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  1. Decent comment. I was pleased to stumble on this since I was also born in the big apple. also, thank you for touring Atlanta and encouraging me to better to learn cooking skills. This made it simpler for me with my admission to University of South Carolina. Looking forward to seeing you in our flat and catch up with our hockey game.

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