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Trying out new products, especially pre market, is a lot of fun.  We’ve worked with some top companies in the past 6 months such as Target, Amazon, Guidecraft, Sterno, PB Crave, Ozobot, Step2 Company and many others.  It has been so fun throwing parties to showcase a product new to market, like Sterno’s S’Mores Maker, or style a party using great Semi Handmade details thanks to HP InstaInk.  Approaching a brand can seem daunting, but we have 5 Tips to help you pitch your blog after attending #WOWsummit 2016.

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Moms Meet brought together moms, bloggers, influencers and green/healthful brands October 7-8, 2016 at the Gaylord National for their annual #WOWsummit conference.  Day 1 we talked about blogging “effective practices,” and we particularly love Laura Harder’s presentation on working with the media.

We ended the day with speed networking, not quite sure what to expect, but ever the sociologist, watching bloggers and brand representatives was entirely helpful and interesting. 

This was a great opportunity to meet with brand marketing decision makers, as well as learn valuable skills from Blogging Concentrated and other field leaders.

The primary issue we observed was that most blogs and brands were not really prepared with what they wanted.  Brands were not sure what they were looking for.  Bloggers started off describing their blogs by saying, “well I’m a stay at home mom of 5 boys and I sort of do a little bit of lifestyle, parenting…”

What we realized is that 1) Brands needed to know beforehand what they were looking for and 2) Bloggers needed to be able to help brands identify what they need and be able to “sell” their blog as the solution.

We can’t possibly improve on the great #WOWsummit recap by Moms Meet, (check out the sponsors too, like Solgar, Mrs. Thinsters….delicious!) but we thought you’d like to know what we learned and how you might be able to use this too!

Here are 5 #Semi_Handmade Tips for Tackling the In Person Pitch:

1) DO:  Have a 3-5 point summary, and include graphics, like screen shots from your blog. Keep it as ordinary as a piece of 8.5” x11” or put it on a half sheet, cardstock or postcard depending on your budget. We don’t recommend spending a lot on printing.

2)  DO:  Describe what you blog about in 3 sentences or less.

At #Semi_Handmade, we host events and parties that puts your product in front of millennial moms with household incomes of $75K-$250K. We help millennial moms plan their own events for their friends, families and children, suggesting products we’ve tried and love. From playdates to parties, we help moms find the best products to make their events special, using a combination of time-saving store bought options customized with their own handmade touches.

3)  DO:  Share analytics.

4)  DO:  Describe your target demographic (who reads your blog).

5)  DO: Tell the brand how you think your blog fits with their brand and products or services and describe your deliverable.

You are selling your product (blog) to a marketing team who wants a measurable return. It’s almost always driving sales, but may also be clicks on a page, a promotion, media coverage, or the chance to go viral. You have 1-2 minutes to be a consultant for the brand posing a problem, with you as the solution.

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Here are some tips on what do avoid:

  • DON’T: Give an unsure answer to what you blog about. Be confident, be clear, and be concise.
  • DON’T pitch to a brand that isn’t a good fit for your content or your audience. It will waste your time and theirs, leaving everyone frustrated.
  • DON’T wait to follow up. The following day, send a thank you email. Within 5-7 days, send your pitch via email and attach your pitch. By then, you will have had some time to think through more specifics of why your blog would be a great partner and what you think you will be able to deliver in exchange for a sponsored post, sample product, or contract.
  • DON’T forget to provide projected measurable outcomes. Will you drive sales? Advertising/Site clicks? How will you measure this?

At Semi Handmade, 100% of our brand partnerships have led to purchase orders, retail features (ie end caps, stands), increase in square foot shelf space, and/or individual sales. We quantify this with a combination of analytics and tracking through affiliate links, sales data and retail contacts.

Thanks Moms Meet for inviting us to partner with #WOWsummit 2016. It was great to meet brands and bloggers at the forefront of healthful choices

Want to get a FREE TEMPLATE for your own Blog Pitch? Email us at

What’s Next: Watch for our next article on making a virtual pitch to a brand, building relationships via social media, and closing the deal for #brandMEETSblog

We were provided free tickets and partial expenses in return for our coverage of #WOWsummit. All opinions are our own.



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